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About Sew Curly

Sew Curly was born from the realization that our family was using way too many plastic bags for things: snacks, toys, lunch, crayons, etc. So I started sewing until I designed the perfect snack bag. It uses a velcro closure so even the littlest of hands can open and close it. And speaking of closing, the velcro practically closes itself the minute the bags are put down. I created the tiny bag in response to needing a tiny wallet to hold a credit card, driver's license, and a few dollars. I gave them as gifts to the guests at a little baby shower I had and they were a big hit. Eventually the snack bag graduated to a sandwich bag at the request (read: begging) of my friend, Angie.

I have an assortment of organic and non-organic material available. The organic bags are made of 100% organic cotton material and printed with AZO-free dyes. All the bags have a fabric tag on them in a coordinating fabric.

About me:
Mama to 3 little ladies, 4 and under. Lover of family, sewing, fabric, polka dots, coffee, and giggles. Rarely clean and rested. Always ready to create and explore.